inspire+ playground leader training is all about the expansion of leadership/teamwork skills and behaviour development – between staff and pupils within lunch and break time environments. We train both staff and pupils to be able to confidently lead playground activities, which are inclusive to all ages.

We deliver a six hour block of training – adapted to fit your schools timetable. Within the six hours we look at all aspects of being a leader, how we can allow KS2 pupils to take on responsible roles on the playground, leading games for other children as well as training lunchtime staff; not only  to support the children, but lead varied activities to increase physical activity throughout the school.

With the government now recommending 60 minutes a day of activity for all children, lunch and break times at school are the perfect opportunities to gain these minutes 5 days a week. Ensuring the activities available are all inclusive is vital to everyone hitting this target and is one of our biggest target outcomes of playground leader training. Alongside this we aim to improve behaviour throughout free time, creating a friendly fun environment for all to play and explore in.