Simon Barter


I did 4 years in US summer camps during and after University, where I did my BA(QTS) in Maths & PE. After foregoing teaching and deciding I needed to work in the City and be rich, I lasted 18 months before giving up and getting back outside.

I worked in the outdoors as an instructor (climbing, canoeing etc.) before being a manager of PGL activity centres. I remained in management for 20 years (Normandy, Paris, Caythorpe) often setting up PGL's new big flagship project.

During this time I consulted for various businesses and charitable organisations, including the beginnings of Inspire+. I then got the job of setting up PGL as a business in Australia. After 5 years and 3 new sites later (2 in Victoria & 1 in Queensland) the business now has a turnover of $10m.

Having achieved what I wanted and for personal reasons I have temporarily moved on and am taking a break in Barbados, where I am expanding my consultancy and writing a book. I keenly monitor the progress of inspire+ and look forward to continuing involvement.

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