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Increase PE, school sport and physical activity participation in your school!

Apprentices can support your organisation in a variety of capacities, including structured play at breaks and lunch, supporting the delivery of extra-curricular activities, sports fixtures, pastoral, classroom and behaviour roles.

We offer bespoke apprenticeship training to meet your professional development needs and ensure apprentices reach their full potential.


What an apprentice can do


staff to deliver fun, inclusive and engaging physical activity.



breakfast and after-school clubs, providing great opportunities for the children to get active and assist with in-class focus.


one-to-one mentoring for higher-ability pupils or those requiring Additional Learning Support


PE, sport, and well-being by organising and participating in clubs or sports events and leading physical activity initiatives.

Why choose us?

How we Support your Organisation


We will provide everything you need to find the right candidate, including job specifications and descriptions, job advert and interview format templates.
In addition, we’ll help you to advertise the vacancy, gather candidates and filter CVs.
Finally, we’ll then recommend the best candidates for your organisation.
But remember, this is teamwork, and you’ll need to support us in this process to guarantee you will find the best apprentice for your organisation.


Before starting work, the apprentices participate in our Induction Week, which provides them with the essential information to begin their employment activities.
From there on, they will receive weekly training delivered by our dedicated cohort tutors with a mix of practical and theory lessons.
During this training, they will learn about safeguarding, first aid in education, professionalism in schools, team-building activities and everything they need to know to become a valuable member of staff.


To make it easier for you, from the initial contract to the End of Point Assessment, we will help you to complete all the necessary paperwork.


Every learner will have an inspire+ tutor to guide them throughout their apprenticeship.
Our tutors will provide weekly training and, every term, visit their workplace to conduct observations and have progress reviews along with their mentor.

Employer Guide to Apprenticeships

Download PDF for more information about our apprenticeships.


Our Programmes

PE Apprenticeship

Level 2 – Community Activator Coach Apprenticeship

Duration: 13 months (inc. End Point Assessment)

PE apprentices support staff in delivering fun, inclusive, engaging physical activity. From breakfast and after-school clubs to one-to-one mentoring for higher ability pupils or those requiring Additional Learning Support, they support the organisation’s promotion of PE, sport and well-being.

Active Wraparound Care Apprenticeship

Level 2 – Community Activator Coach Apprenticeship

Duration: 13 months (inc. End Point Assessment)

These learners encourage better use of play in a wraparound care setting. They are trained to deliver their daily activities
with a keen eye on improving physical activity and engaging in life-long enjoyment for sport and physical education.

Most applications for this programme come from current staff members of our schools/employers.
But this is not a rule; you can hire an additional person as an apprentice if you wish.

Teaching Assistant (PE Focus) Apprenticeship

Level 3

Duration: 13-15 months (inc. End Point Assessment)

Teaching Assistant Apprentices work alongside teachers to support the delivery of lessons. This course trains apprentices to become teaching assistants while developing a focus on PE.

Community Sport and Health Officer

Level 3

Duration: 12-18 months (inc. End Point Assessment)

The Community Sport and Health Officer (CSHO) role focusses mainly on initiating behaviour change in local society. The
CSHO will help to organise and coordinate the delivery of activities and opportunities for local communities with the aim of
becoming more physically active.

CSHO apprentices can work in community-based roles such as district councils, Community Interest Organisations, sport clubs and organisations.

School Sport Coach Apprenticeship

Level 4

Duration: 18 months (inc. End Point Assessment)

School Sport Coaches aim to provide meaningful and high-quality learning, development and performance experiences for children and young people. They take an increasingly lead role in School Sport by enriching local competitions, increasing participation, raising educational standards and enhancing well-being and social change.
As a result, learners will develop skills, knowledge and behaviours that support the cognitive, social, emotional and off-the- physical growth of children and young people.

Our Impact 

Real Stories

Freddie Butcher – Apprentice of the Month – September 2023

Freddie Butcher – Apprentice of the Month – September 2023

Apprentice of the Month - September 2023   Tell us a bit about yourself.  I've always been interested in sports. As a Peterborough United supporter, I've travelled around the country to watch them play. My love for the game extends to playing football as a...

inspire+ apprentices receive awards

inspire+ apprentices receive awards

inspire+ apprentices receive awards   Two of our apprentices scooped prestigious awards recognising the impact of their work. Deneil Thomas is currently completing a level 2 Community Activator Coach at West Grantham CE Primary Academy. He was awarded the...

Ellie Wacey – Apprentice of the Month – January 2023

Ellie Wacey – Apprentice of the Month – January 2023

Apprentice of the Month - January 2023   Tell us a bit about yourself.  Since being a young child, I have been interested in becoming a teacher. I have always enjoyed sports, with a huge interest in netball. During my time at school, I had a lot of mental health...

Existing Employees Training

You can offer new qualifications to your current staff members and get the results you are looking for without compromising your budget.

Our apprenticeship programmes are designed to meet our partners’ needs and are bespoke to upskill your workforce by offering extra training using government funding.

Apprenticeship Levy & Wage

Funding Options

Appointing an apprentice can be a big decision for your organisation. Our apprenticeship advisors are on hand to offer tailored advice during each process stage. Whether you are a levy-payer or a non-ley payer organisation, we will assist you every step of the way.

Apprenticeship Levy

The government apprenticeship levy is a tax paid by employers designed to help organisations offer more apprenticeships.
It is stored in a fund which can be accessed to help pay for apprenticeship training costs.


• The apprenticeship levy is applicable for those whose payroll is over £3 million.

• Its purpose is to finance apprenticeship training.

• Employers are charged at 0.5% of their total payroll as the apprenticeship levy allowance.

• It is collected monthly via PAYE.

• After 24 months any unused levy funds expire and return to the government.

• Employers who are not required to pay a levy may need to contribute 5% towards the cost of an apprenticeship course, while the government will provide the remaining 95% through a co-investment arrangement.

• The government also offers some incentives for organisations taking younger workers. Contact us to check the options available.

Apprenticeship Wage

From April 2023, apprentices of any age in their first year of apprenticeship are entitled to a minimum hourly rate of £5.28.

If they are 19 or over and have completed the first year of their apprenticeship, they are entitled to the National Minimum Wage according to their age.

Use our wage calculator to check the wage of your apprentice.

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