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Our Mission

The power to transform lives begins with your generous support. At the heart of our mission lies a simple yet profound goal: healthy, happy, and active young people. We believe that by fostering the well-being of today’s youth, we are sculpting a brighter, more promising future. Our commitment stems from the understanding that health is the cornerstone of a thriving life, and by prioritising the well-being of young individuals, we are sowing the seeds for a more resilient, vibrant community.

The journey towards a brighter future starts with a focus on the fundamental building blocks of health. Our initiative revolves around providing nourishment and promoting an active lifestyle for children who may face challenges in accessing these essentials. We recognise that a well-nourished body and an active mind are indispensable elements for personal growth and development. Through your support, we aim to create a ripple effect that extends beyond the immediate impact of a nutritious meal or an engaging physical activity. We aspire to instil in these young minds a sense of purpose, resilience, and the belief that their well-being matters.

As the torchbearers of tomorrow, these children are not merely recipients of aid but ambassadors of positive change. Your contribution to inspire+ is an investment in a future where every child has the opportunity to lead a healthy, happy, and active life. Together, we can break down barriers, build bridges, and provide the necessary support to empower these young individuals. Join us in making a meaningful impact that transcends generations, creating a legacy of health and happiness that reverberates through the lives of countless children.

Why Donate to Us?

At inspire+, we believe in the transformative power of collective generosity and the profound impact it can have on shaping the future of our youth. Your decision to support us is an investment in the well-being of young minds, a commitment to fostering a generation that is not only healthy but also equipped with the tools to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.

Our initiatives extend beyond individual impact to create a ripple effect within communities. By supporting inspire+, you become an integral part of a charity that promotes collective well-being, fostering healthier and happier communities.

We use donations to provide healthy food for children directly, host events where children can be active and ensure that children receive the best possible chance for a happier life.

A Business

inspire+ is dedicated to give children the best possible chance at staying Healthy Happy and Active. By hosting a wide variety of events and activities, we help to contribute to a lifestyle that every child deserves. And you’re invited to be a part of it too!

Check out the sponsorship packages for our upcoming events and contact us for more details.

Elevate your company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with our personalised solutions. We specialise in assisting companies in aligning their values with impactful social initiatives.

Reach out to us for further details on how we can collaborate to make a positive difference in your community and beyond.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In Kind Contributions

Financial contribution and sponsorship aren’t the only ways to support us. If you think your company and resources can help us further our mission, then let us know!

This could be in the form of helping us with an event, providing transport, printing materials etc.

Can you contribute your time to us?

If you like what we do, please tell your friends about us! We are always looking to take new opportunities and make new friends. Spread the word about our mission and help us give our children a Healthy, Happy and Active life

Advocating for inspire+

An Individual

Make A Financial Donation

At inspire+, we believe in the power of collective action to create positive change. By contributing to our mission, you become an essential part of the impact we strive to make in the world. Your generous donation fuels initiatives that support communities, foster well-being, and drive positive social and meaningful change.

Represent us by raising donations! Do you want to raise money for us by representing us in events? Become an inspire+ Champion today!

This includes charity races, cake sales and more.

Contact Us for more details.

Become a Champion


Do you enjoy helping young people? Would you love to contribute to one of our successful projects or events? We always welcome conversations of how people can volunteer with us, please contact us to discuss potential opportunities.

Contact us for Volunteering opportunities.

Our Impact

At inspire+, we take immense pride in the positive impact we create in schools and on young people year after year. Our dedication to excellence has earned recognition as a national model of good practice, and our Legacy Challenge resource has evolved into a renowned national initiative.

Our Major Events

Mini Olympics

Gala Dinner

inspire+ PE Conference

Royal Opera House

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