Apprentice of the Month – October 2023


Tell us a bit about yourself. 

My primary hobbies revolve around golf, with a side interest in football. My journey towards securing my apprenticeship involved gaining relevant experience, such as assisting in primary school settings. I had the opportunity to contribute to the learning environment during my work experience, and I furthered my understanding of education through involvement in a teaching program for Year 2 students. These experiences not only deepened my passion for education but also equipped me with valuable skills that ultimately played a crucial role in securing my current apprenticeship.


Why did you choose to be an inspire+ apprentice?

The decision to become an Inspire+ apprentice was primarily motivated by my enjoyment of working with students, particularly during my experience teaching. The fulfilment derived from those interactions fueled my desire to pursue a career within a school environment. The main driving force was the satisfaction I found in contributing to the educational development of students. My choice was guided by a genuine passion for education and the prospect of making a positive impact within a school setting.


What have you learned during your apprenticeship so far?

During my apprenticeship, I’ve gained essential skills in classroom management and leadership within physical education. I’ve developed the ability to effectively handle and lead PE classes, ensuring a structured and engaging learning environment for students. Additionally, I’ve been able to take part in a lot of diverse games and activities through my observations of experienced coaches at HAF camps and the teaching methods employed by educators at school.


What valuable insights and skills have you gained thus far during your apprenticeship?

During my apprenticeship, I’ve acquired valuable insights and skills that have significantly contributed to my professional growth. One key area of development has been in managing student behaviour effectively. Learning how to navigate and address various behaviours has provided me with a nuanced understanding of classroom dynamics.

Moreover, the experience has enhanced my adaptability within the classroom setting, especially when unforeseen challenges arise. I’ve gained a better understanding of how to adjust and improvise when things don’t go as planned. This adaptability has proven crucial in maintaining a positive and productive learning environment for both myself and the students.


What skills have you learned from attending training?

Attending training every week has afforded me the opportunity to develop a diverse set of skills essential for my role. Firstly, I’ve gained proficiency in various methods of delivering Physical Education. This includes learning different teaching techniques, strategies for engaging students, and effective ways to structure PE lessons.

In addition to PE-specific skills, the training has equipped me with comprehensive knowledge of safeguarding practices and their importance. Understanding the intricacies of safeguarding is crucial in creating a secure and protective environment for students. This encompasses recognising signs of potential issues, implementing preventive measures, and knowing the appropriate steps to take in case of concerns. The training has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the well-being and safety of students, emphasising the critical role educators play in ensuring a secure learning environment.


Would you like to share a good memory from your apprenticeship?

One standout memory from my apprenticeship involves a student who initially struggled with participating in carpet sessions. Recognizing the need for adaptation, I adjusted the learning environment, introduced hands-on activities, and provided individualized support. Witnessing the student’s increased engagement and improved behaviour on the carpet was immensely gratifying.


Do you recommend other people to become an inspire+ apprentice? Explain why.

Absolutely, I highly recommend becoming an Inspire+ apprentice. The support provided by the organization within the school setting is exceptional. From guidance to assistance in overcoming challenges, Inspire+ is committed to helping apprentices achieve their best. The level of support creates a positive and conducive environment for personal and professional growth.




To find out more about our apprenticeships, visit www.inspireplus.org.uk/apprenticeships 


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