The role of the Young Ambassadors is to inspire pupils and students in their school to be involved more in sport and physical activity. They are pupils that demonstrate a passion for sport, physical activity and volunteering.

Over the years inspire+ has trained hundreds of Young Ambassadors from all the different levels of the Young Ambassador Programme. Over the years the Young Ambassadors have helped to shape several of our programmes that we provide including the Legacy Tour, The Legacy Challenge and our biggest event, The Mini Olympics.

As recognition of their hard work and dedication with the 2013/14 Legacy Challenge, where they helped to engage over 28,000 young people throughout Lincolnshire, the South West Lincolnshire Steering Group were awarded 'The Best Increasing Participation Project of 2014' award by Youth Sport Trust.

This is recognition after years of hard work and dedication by the local Young Ambassadors to provide their fellow pupils with opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity.

Over the past couple of years we have developed and improved our Leadership pathway into one of the county's most comprehensive leadership structures. As shown below, we now have a leadership pathway which starts in our primary school in year 5 or 6, all through secondary school, and with the newly formed education team providing apprenticeships, we can now provide those committed and passionate leaders employment opportunities post education.

Leadership Pathway