Privacy Policy

inspire+ obtain information from individuals solely in connection with the delivery of their programmes. Any information which the charity holds will not be passed on to any 3rd parties, All information we hold on individuals will be held safely and securely and will be deleted after 12 months of an individual not accessing an inspire+ service.

Parental consent to the holding of information will be obtained for all students under the age of 18. Consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting the offices of the Charity by email or in writing.

The charity adheres to the eight principles set out in the Data Protection Act.  A copy of our policy can be requested by calling 01476 578 137 or emailing

The Data Protection Officer for inspire+ is Rod Tyler who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

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The additional sports funding for primary schools is spent extremely effectively to inspire pupils and ensure their sports skills and enthusiasm secured.


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