Inspire+ are celebrating their 10th year of operation by getting adventurous with the help of their ambassador, Sarah Outen MBE.

Sarah, who completed the adventure of London2London via the world through human power alone is leading a project across all the inspire+ primary schools linking local adventure and literacy.

To celebrate the charities 10th  year of operation Sarah is writing an adventure story book with the help of mini authors from each primary school. These groups of mini authors have been receiving virtual sessions with Sarah each month as they write and illustrate a 500-word story of either fact or fiction based on their school and area with an adventure theme.

To recognise the work of the mini authors a badge competition was held to design the children something of recognition they could add to their uniform. The competition was won by Tilly Harding from St Sebastian’s Primary School. Her entry can be seen below. Tilly said that, “her design was inspired by the exciting things she has read in books”. Her favourite author is Jacqueline Wilson and she had read a lot of her books. She is really happy that she won. Tilly’s design will now be made into a badge for each school’s team of mini authors to wear with pride.

Second place in the competition was won by a student from Huntingtower Community Primary Academy while third place was won by David also from St Sebastian’s Primary. David was really surprised and happy with coming third. He is really learning to love reading his favourite author is David Walliams and he is currently reading David Walliams ‘The Midnight Gang’. He also enjoys reading The Guinness Book of Records.

Sarah was amazed by the standard of all the badge entries, picking the winner was a challenging task! Sarah said, “how amazing it has been working with the groups of mini authors and it is going to be really exciting to read all of their finished stories seeing where their imagination has taken them. Adventure does not have to be a big journey, just going out in your garden or the local park can be an adventure. It is so important for young people’s health and wellbeing to get outside and take in what the local area has to offer.”

Sarah is going to be visiting all of inspire+’s primary schools over the summer term – using human power alone thanks to a bike and giant scooter! She will deliver the published book to each school on her trip and challenge them to hold a physical activity relay for the day! Copies of the book will also be available to purchase.