Fostering Leadership and Well-being at Bingham Primary School


In the vibrant partnership between inspire+ and Bingham Primary School, the dedicated pursuit of primary objectives aligns seamlessly with the shared vision for holistic student development. Spearheaded by Hannah Brierley, PE Lead, and class teacher, Bingham Primary School places a strong emphasis on promoting physical health, optimising the PE Sports Premium, enhancing children’s mental well-being, and instigating a variety of initiatives.


Reflecting on the collaboration and communication with inspire+, Hannah Brierley attests to its significance for Bingham Primary School. The collaboration serves as a pillar of support, providing invaluable resources for PE, and fostering a positive environment for growth.

One standout initiative that has left an indelible mark at Bingham Primary School is the “Playground Leaders” program. They underscore its importance in nurturing leadership skills among older students while instilling structure during playtime for their younger peers. The initiative has significantly increased opportunities for children to engage in sports and physical activities.


Positive impacts abound, with noticeable developments in social skills, particularly among the high percentage of English as an Additional Language (EAL) children who now feel more confident communicating in English. The program has played a pivotal role in fostering relationships across key groups, a crucial aspect for a new school. Moreover, Playground Leaders have brought structure to lunchtime activities, empowering Midday supervisors and creating a dynamic environment for children.


Highlighting success stories, Year 5 students express their enthusiasm for the Playground Leader training, citing it as their favorite aspect of school life at Bingham. The positive impact on educational experiences and the school environment is evident, with children not only enjoying but actively benefiting from the initiative.


Hannah’s experience of working with inspire+ is described as very supportive and helpful, emphasising the organisation’s commitment to facilitating a positive collaboration. The endorsement to other schools is resounding, as inspire+ offers a multitude of opportunities, endless support for PE Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and guidance for PE leads.


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