Apprentice of the Month – October 2023


I have always enjoyed sports, particularly football, which I play regularly throughout the week. This consistent involvement in football over the years sparked my passion for coaching.


“Pursuing this apprenticeship seemed like an excellent opportunity to enhance my teaching and coaching skills, contributing to both personal and professional development.”


A memorable experience I had for coaching was when I went to Loughborough university last year with a group of my course peers and helped run a fun sports event for people with needs which was fun and made me have an interest in coaching. Additionally, working with different age groups at a local primary school further fuelled my interest in coaching.


My introduction to the Inspire+ program occurred during a presentation at my college. Recognising it as a chance to gain coaching experiences, particularly in football, and to earn an income for a year, I saw it as a practical way to explore potential career paths. This apprenticeship provides me with the opportunity to decide whether university is the right path for me or if there are alternative career options in the sports industry.


Throughout my apprenticeship, I’ve gained increased confidence in leading groups, especially during warm-ups. One notable achievement is coaching year 5 and 6 football independently for several weeks after school. This hands-on experience has significantly contributed to my coaching proficiency. Attending training sessions once a week has deepened my understanding of safeguarding practices. Learning how to act and respond appropriately while working in a school setting has been an invaluable aspect of my training.


What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is the active nature of the work and the satisfaction derived from coaching sports to children. The hands-on involvement in physical activities, coupled with the joy of facilitating learning through sports, makes the apprenticeship fulfilling. While still undecided, I aspire to build a career in sports, particularly football. The apprenticeship serves as a stepping stone to explore and shape my future career path.


A particularly rewarding moment occurred at the beginning of the year when working with foundation children. Engaging them in activities like throwing and catching into a hoop not only fostered physical skills but also encouraged social interaction and the development of new friendships. The positive impact on the children’s confidence and their subsequent engagement in independent tasks and PE sessions has been gratifying.


I highly recommend the Inspire+ apprenticeship for individuals interested in coaching sports or pursuing a teaching role. The diverse coaching experiences with various age groups and classroom exposure make this apprenticeship an excellent choice for those passionate about sports and education.




To find out more about our apprenticeships, visit www.inspireplus.org.uk/apprenticeships 


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