Ravensthorpe TDM Launch Press Release

Thursday 19th September saw double Paralympian, Sam Ruddock launch The Daily Mile at Ravensthorpe Primary School in Peterborough. All of the 400 pupils enjoyed an inspirational assembly from Sam, learning the ‘Sam Shake’ and the ‘Sam Chant’!

Sam is current training as a sprint cyclist for selection to the C1 classification, in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. However, he is multi talented, starting his Paralympian career as a sprinter in the 2012 Paralympics before moving to representing GB in the shot put in the 2016 Paralympics.

The Daily Mile, founded in 2012 by Scottish Headteacher Elaine Wyllie, sees children jog or run at their own pace for 15 minutes daily. Its strength is the simplicity of the initiative, with children going straight from the classroom to the playground or field. Since January the number of schools taking up The Daily Mile in Peterborough has nearly doubled to 18 as the benefits are being seen; children noticeably fitter, able to concentrate for longer and showing increased resilience.

Ravensthorpe Headteacher, Martin Fry said of why they are starting The Daily Mile, ‘it is a fantastic way to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of the children; keeping active, keeping fit, also the benefits back in the classroom, that little break is really important to give them that energy to refuel them for the next part of that session or afternoon.’

Sam Ruddock, double Paralympian, feels that The Daily Mile, ‘is great because it gets children outside for 15 mins, they don’t have to get changed, the main thing for them (the pupils) is that they are active, they are happy, having fun and making some more friends along the way’.

Ali Cope, The Daily Mile Local Coordinator, Living Sport
Tel. 01487 849915
Mobile: 07884 407890
Email: alicope@livingsport.co.uk


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