Apprenticeships as a Promising Career Pathway


As an Inspire+ apprentice, I found a promising career pathway that aligned with my passion for sports and desire to impact children’s lifestyles. The decision to pursue this apprenticeship was driven by my own motivation rather than parental influence.


Throughout my experience, I have gained valuable insights and skills through continuous professional development (CPD) in various areas. This has included developing strategies to address behavioural issues and provide support to children, leading to a significant boost in confidence. Attending training sessions once a week has equipped me with a plethora of new skills in sports, improved planning abilities, and diverse coaching techniques.



What I particularly enjoy about this apprenticeship is the opportunity to work directly in schools, engaging with and assisting children.



Looking ahead, my ambition is to continue working at my current school, potentially progressing to the role of PE lead. One memorable aspect of my apprenticeship is witnessing the transformation of some children who initially disliked PE sessions but became more engaged and enthusiastic after my intervention.


I highly recommend the Inspire+ apprenticeship to others as it offers a unique chance to acquire new skills and experiences while earning a wage.



To find out more about our apprenticeships, visit www.inspireplus.org.uk/apprenticeships 


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