Empowering Student Wellness: The Transformative Impact of inspire+ Collaboration at St Augustine’s Catholic Voluntary Academy


Their main goals when collaborating with inspire+ are to promote physical health among students, effectively utilise the PE Sports Premium, and introduce more initiatives within the school to enhance the overall experience for pupils. The collaboration and communication with inspire+ have been described as nothing short of amazing, with the organisation demonstrating a real ‘can do’ attitude, always responding promptly and being willing to meet the individual needs of the school.

Working closely with inspire+ to enhance the quality of PE education and make effective use of Sports Premium funding has been crucial for the school and its pupils, particularly in an area of high disadvantage where sports can play a pivotal role in their overall development.

The impact has been profound, with students being inspired by the coaches and role models provided by inspire+, leading to increased confidence and motivation, especially among those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The range of initiatives offered by inspire+, such as HAF, Roots to Food, and Mindfulness, has greatly supported the pupils’ health and wellbeing beyond just physical fitness.

There have been instances where students with disabilities, inspired by the support from inspire+ staff who share similar challenges, have felt more confident and engaged in physical activities. Moreover, pupils look up to the sports apprentices and coaches, leading to increased participation and dedication to competitive sports. inspire+ has consistently exceeded expectations, providing tailored support and a wealth of opportunities for the school community. The support provided by inspire+ has been invaluable for both staff and students, making them an ideal partner for any school looking to enhance their PE provision and overall student wellbeing.

inspire+ has played a crucial role in ensuring Sports Premium spending has a sustainable impact by supporting the apprentice program, providing CPD opportunities for staff, and tailoring their services to meet specific needs, ensuring a lasting positive effect on the school community.


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