Inspire+ are celebrating their 10th year of operation by getting adventurous with the help of their ambassador, Sarah Outen MBE.

To celebrate the 10th year of operation, the charities ambassador adventurer Sarah Outen MBE is writing an adventure story book with the help of mini authors from each primary school in the inspire+ partnership. These groups of mini authors have been receiving virtual sessions with Sarah each month as they write and illustrate a 500-word story of either fact or fiction based on their school and area with an adventure theme.

These stories have then been accumulated in the inspire+ adventure book to commemorate the 10 years of inspire+ working in partnership with over 50 local primary schools. Sarah is now undertaking a 2-week adventure of all inspire+ schools via her bike and scooter to personally deliver them. Each school is receiving 3 books each along with mini author badges for the children who wrote their stories. This mini adventure of Sarah’s is seeing her travel over 250 miles in the 3 days on her bike and scooter.

Schools have been absolutely delighted to receive the books with their school represented in it. Many of the children who wrote the stories did not know who has had been selected for their school so had an amazing surprise when Sarah unveiled the book.

Sarah has been an ambassador for the charity for over 7 years when she took on her London2London via the World adventure. Sarah said, I’m delighted to be involved in a tour of our inspire + schools in celebration of the tenth anniversary. Day one on the bike has been huge fun already. It has been a wonderfully creative challenge bringing the book to life and a fitting way to celebrate the first decade of service.”

Inspire+ was founded by CEO Vincent Brittain who said, “we couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate our 10th anniversary!  An innovative project that involves all or wonderful schools and children that we are so proud and honoured to support.  We would like to thank Sarah Outen our inspirational Ambassador and friend of the charity.  She has been inspiring children since the days of her epic human powered adventure around the world and now doing so through this book.  Finally, I would like to thank all my amazing colleagues that have worked for the charity over the past 10 years, it’s been a wonderful journey that I’m proud to have shared with you.  Here’s to the next 10 years and beyond…”